Original Myth

My myth is about how the gods decided to make the grass green.

Once apon a time the gods were making colors and deciding what color everything would be. They decided to make the sky and the water blue, the clouds white, and the dirt brown. But they noticed something was missing color. The grass. The gods didn’t know which color to choose. Most of the plants already were either red, pink, or yellow. But what color should the grass be, the gods didn’t know. So they just tried all the colors. They tried blue but it blended in too much with the sky and water. They also tried brown but it looked too much like dirt. They even tried black but it made the earth look dark. They went through almost all the colors and then they came to green. It worked perfectly. They also decided that there should be lots of different shades of green. Some of the grasses would be lighter green and other grasses would be darker green. That is the story of how the grass is green. The End

My Digital Footprint

It’s really weird to see all the stuff that comes up on Google when I search my name. There’s stuff on there about the track team, my family, my facebook, and some of the activities I do. I really don’t want a stalker to come and find me and start stalking me becuase they searched me on Google. When someone searches me they know some of the sports and activities I do, and they also know some about my family.


I think that the title of the poem was used for the movie because it explains how Mandela felt about running the country. The poem relates to what Mandela did becuase Mandela worked really hard to unite the country and get everyone to think that he could run the country and the poem kind of relates to that. The movie relates to the poem in a lot of ways. It relates to how Mandela felt and to how the rugby team felt. It relates to the rugby team becuase South Africa was cheering for the team that South Africa was playing and the poem says how the person was going through a rough time. And I think the rugby team was going through a rough time if the people in their own country were cheering for the other team instead of them.

Qualities of a Hero

The qualities of a hero are kindness, generosity, being helpful, and brave.  A hero usually has all of these qualities. A hero has to be kind to everyone and to people in need. Hero’s also have to be generous. They have to be generous so that they can give to whoever needs it. A hero also has to be helpful. It’s good for a hero to be helpful because heroes help people that are in need. The last quality is being brave. All heroes have to be brave so that they can save the people who need to be saved and that they’re not afraid to do something. Those are the qualities of a hero.